Solr container

To spin up a container with Apache Solr search engine uncomment lines with solr service definition in the compose file.

By default, Solr admin UI can be accessed by http://solr.drupal.docker.localhost:8000. Solr container has a persistent volume defined in Dockerfile, so your data won't be lost if you stop the container. Solr cores can be found under /opt/solr/server/solr.

Integration with Search API Solr module

  1. Create new solr core docker exec -ti [ID] make core=core1 -f /usr/local/bin/ The new core will already include config files from Search API Solr module
  2. Download and enable Search API Solr module
  3. Open module configuration page and add a new search server
  4. Choose Solr as a backend and Standard Solr Connector
  5. Specify solr as a Solr host, 8983 as a port, /solr as a solr path and your core name (core1 from step 1)
  6. That's it! Now Drupal should be connected to our Solr backend


Configuration is possible via environment variables. See the full list of variables on GitHub.