MariaDB container

MariaDB uses a persistent volume defined in Dockerfile.

IMPORTANT: Do not use docker-compose down command because it will purge MariaDB volume. Instead use docker-compose stop. If you restart Docker you WILL NOT lose your MariaDB data.

Import existing database

if you want to import your database, uncomment the following line in the compose file:

#      - ./mariadb-init:/docker-entrypoint-initdb.d # Place init .sql file(s) here

Create the volume directory ./mariadb-init in the same directory as the compose file and put there your SQL file(s). All SQL files will be automatically imported once MariaDB container has started.


Exporting all databases:

docker-compose exec mariadb sh -c 'exec mysqldump --all-databases -uroot -p"root-password"' > databases.sql

Exporting a specific database:

docker-compose exec mariadb sh -c 'exec mysqldump -uroot -p"root-password" my-db' > my-db.sql


Configuration is possible via environment variables. See the full list of variables on GitHub.